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Some Things You Should Do In Texas When You Go

A trip to the southern part of the United States must always include the state of Texas. It is a large state, one that would take you several months to actually travel through most of the more well-known parts. If you haven’t been there, you should plan several different activities in advance so that you can get a feel for the culture and how it has changed over the years. Here are two places that every tourist should visit when they go.

National Museum Of The Pacific War

This is a place that is going to show you a lot of what happened during the war. It will have displays, and there will be overviews of what has happened before. If you did not know much about the war before, you will certainly understand what the Pacific War was, and why this is such an important place. This occurred during World War II, and without the battles that were fought, it is unlikely that this museum would be here or the life that we live today.

Texas School Book Depository

This is a seven story building that is on the famous Dealey Plaza. This has an important role in American history because John F. Kennedy was shot in this area. It was from the sixth floor that Lee Harvey Oswald purportedly shot the one bullet that struck Pres. Kennedy several times, and therefore has a place in American history. This is a building that you should visit to learn more about this iconic event, and how the world changed after it had occurred. It’s one of those places in Texas that people go to when they visit Dallas, plus you can see many of the other beautiful buildings in Dallas as well.

People that finally do get to go to Dallas, or any of the other cities in Texas, will marvel at how large and expensive the state actually is. As you travel through the countryside which is primarily flat, you will think about how settlers came through and found these places to build cities and live. You can also visit other tourist attractions such as Mission San Jose, the State Capital, and of course visit The Alamo. It’s one of the states that you cannot ever pass up going to if you have the time, the book your trip today.

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